General Practice

Becoming a Lawyer isn’t something done once and left alone.

In addition to formal continuing education, I’m always researching, watching, listening, and learning.

It’s necessary as laws continuously change, judges come and go, and as social attitudes evolve, so does what and how I do what I do.

For me, the wide variety of cases I take on is quite thrilling.

I have earned the respect of my colleagues for specialization skills in areas such as personal injury and medical malpractice. Still, much of what I do falls under the category of general law.

Some clients reach out to me for advice. I offer opinions, strategies, and address their questions and concerns for them to consider possible action down the road.

My “Adviser” role is critical for people starting or purchasing a business, acquiring real estate, or any large financial transaction.

Other examples of “general” law may include:


  • Consumer complaints against a business
  • Consumer complaints regarding credit and collections
  • Personal and Corporate bankruptcy protection
  • Contracts of all types – purchases, services, employment etc
  • Neighbor or neighborhood disputes such an easement, boundary or HOA issues
  • Protection of assets relating to wills, estate planning, trusts, endowments, and other financial instruments
  • Watching out for Senior Citizens with regards to long-term physical and financial care.

Business Owners and Medical Professionals are often targets of frivolous litigation. There is a general public perception that Companies and Physicians have deep pockets and financial pots of gold. When millions of dollars are on the line, legal representation by a well-studied Attorney with a proven track record of success is needed.

Representing a client before a governmental agency is yet, another example of a “general practice” activity. Zoning issues, Tax Assessments, and eminent domain predicaments require prudent Attorney representation.

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