Family Law

Affairs of the heart are the most delicate of matters in the legal profession. There are many variables in every situation. The issues are not always clear, and the challenges at hand often change over time.

As a Family Law Attorney in Conroe Texas, I have to extract facts from emotion and develop legal strategies that are in the best interests of my clients.

Family law matters may include:

  • Children – Visitation, Custody etc.
  • Properties (real estate)
  • Marital Assets
  • Financial Instruments such as stocks, bonds, long-term investments, retirement accounts etc.
  • Business Ownership(s)
  • Personal Torts such as spousal abuse (domestic violence)
  • Spousal Support, Child Support, Maintenance, and more.

Family law issues are complex and highly volatile situations. Many times there may be multiple parties involved, all with their own points of view, demands, and expectations.

To be clear, I always encourage my clients to work towards “getting out the other side.” Nobody wins from prolonged judicial proceedings.

The practice of Family Law requires an excellent understanding of the law and procedural strategies to move cases forward in a positive direction for clients. As your Family Law Attorney, I’ll be highly communicative and responsive to your feelings and concerns. It may not always be pleasant, but it will be honest and sincere.


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